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The UnceBucksToys Story

By Elishawn Bosley, Founder & President

As a child of the 80's, I greatly enjoyed Transformers, GI Joe, Masters of the Universe, and other beloved 80's properties. I never really drifted away from these toys as I got older..they have become part of my collecting of toys. I've spent quite a few years collecting, searching and buying new and vintage 80's+ toys on the internet and collector's stores. After having kids and seeing them fall in love with the same 80's toys I grew up with, I decided to take my collecting to the next step and try selling toys of my own.
I've started with a few boxes of new and vintage toys. Purchasing large collections of figures and reselling them individually on eBay and now our own site. This has been fun and exciting times for us. Packing and shipping orders by day. Hoping one day to become the next Toy'R'Us. More then anything, igniting that love of toys in kids and adults alike, is the greatest reward.

Our Team

Elishawn and Bree Bosley