LEGO In Arishem’s Shadow Marvel Super Heroes kit 76155


LEGO In Arishem’s Shadow Marvel Super Heroes kit 76155


Combine all the fun elements of the Marvel Studios, The Eternals, movie in one awesome LEGO playset. This, LEGO In Arishem’s Shadow playset brings 4 Eternals, a Deviant and a Celestial together in a superhero confrontation kids will love. Recreate Marvel movie action so your Kids can join forces with 4 Eternals to defeat a Deviant bat.

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If your young superhero is ready to take on The Eternals Deviant bat, then this, LEGO In Arishem’s Shadow Marvel The Eternals (76155) playset, is for them.  It Includes 4 Eternals superhero minifigures. Ikaris, Sersi, kingo, an exclusive Ajak, a Deviant figure, a posable Celestial with a light-up chest, 2 daggers, 1 sword, 2 mini shooters and a blade.  Kids need all their superhero skills when a Deviant launches an attack on 4 leading Eternals. With an all-powerful Celestial big enough to hold an Eternal in its hand looking on, anything can happen!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                If your looking for a cool birthday or holiday gift for a kid aged 7+?  This is the gift for them.  With its collectible minifigures, large posable creatures and endless action, any young superhero will love this LEGO Marvel playset.  The Celestial figures stand over 11” (30cm) tall! The LEGO Marvel The Eternals In Arishem’s Shadow, gives kids superhero action fun and looks awesome on the shelf!

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